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The future of online film school

Lights, camera, click! Welcome to the future of online film school. We specialise in teaching filmmaking, exclusively designed for Indian filmmakers. Unlock your creative potential with us!

Through employing a variety of methods, Cinematica Online seeks to provide students with an understanding of storytelling. Our comprehensive online training program provides students with expert direction, allowing them to develop their creative skills and give compelling stories life.

At Cinematica Online, we provide dynamic and creative learning experiences through our online training sessions, allowing students to acquire comprehensive knowledge of professional filmmaking techniques. Our live sessions are thoughtfully crafted, featuring interactive instruction, group meetings, and personalised one-on-one consultations with the instructor, ensuring a holistic learning journey for every student.

Cinematica Online classes are offered in:

Video Editing
Graphic Designing
Color Grading
Script Writing
3D Animation for Films

What would like to learn today?


Thanks to our passion for films, we made this platform, devoted to igniting and fostering the inventive minds of budding filmmakers. We are here to inspire people and give them thorough instruction so they can start their adventure and become the future's filmmakers.


Live Sessions

We will conduct live sessions every month. These are also available on subscription packages.

Digital Products

We sell Luts, Templates, Presets, Stock Footages, Music, Stock Images and Motion Graphics.

Online Courses

Online courses available on filmmaking, post production, social media marketing and more.

Live Tests

We conduct live tests in order to see if our students are learning our courses propoerly.


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Please kindly write to us at or call us on +91 8928007136


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